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 hotel towel rack in bathroom

Hotel Towel Racks

Maintaining some orderliness in a bathroom has always been difficult. Used clothes are left scattered, counters are left in a mess and towels are rarely neatly hung in their place. People seem to have accepted everything as organized clutter, even when it is not.

Most of the time, the towels, being neatly folded or neatly hung, has much to do with the design of the towel rack. A hotel towel rack is a practical fixture for utmost organization in the bathroom.

A hotel towel shelf allows more towels to be easily used and hung. Its design is rather simple, but its resourcefulness is unmatched. It adjusts space between towels so that no matter how fluffy a towel is, pulling one out will not lead to pulling the others from the rack.

There are some hotel style towel racks that are dedicated for bigger towels while there are those that can accommodate towels in varying sizes. It is crucial to evaluate the lifestyle of the people who use the bathroom so that certain requirements can be met. If it is a communal bathroom then people should consider the number towels likely to be used.

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Hotel Style Towel Racks and Shelves

A hotel style towel rack should also be strategically-placed so that it would be more convenient for people. The convenience of where it is situated would make it more encouraging for people to be more orderly.


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For instance, a hotel style towel shelf can be situated right beside the shower where a towel can be accessible right after a bath, or right beside the sink where a hand towel or a face towel might be needed. The height where it is supposed to be installed should also consider people‚Äôs height. If there are children using that specific bathroom, the hotel towel rack should be mounted where the towels are within reach.

When towels are arranged on a hotel towel shelf, the stack always adds an aesthetic effect to a bathroom. The soft and fluffy towels with a color theme also make a bathroom more inviting and more welcoming for guests. A hotel style towel rack is designed to showcase the towels.



Different holders or shelves within a rack are not only for displaying purposes but also result in fresher towels. The space between towels provides enough breathing space to let them dry out. No one likes using a damp towel.

Hotel towel racks can be designed to hold rolled towels, to hold a stack of folded towel sets, or to hold hung towels. There are also racks and shelves that have a combination of these two or three options. These small details would surely be appreciated by people who live in the house, as well as guests.

Chrome and steel are commonly used for these hotel style towel racks, but there are different wood materials and finishes to make it easier for people to match this fixture with the others inside the bathroom. For decorative purposes, it is better to choose the same finishing for all the fixtures in the bath such as the tissue holder, shelves, faucet and knobs. If you ultimately decide that a hotel style towel rack isn't for you, check out some other bathroom towel shelf styles on the next page!

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